Development and training for the dealers' community in Macau casinos

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to discuss characteristics of dealers training and development in Macau gambling industry by investigating and analyzing the current dealers training and development status of Macau gambling casinos. Training and development prepare and enhance dealer's knowledge and skills to enable them to adapt to the working environment and create a career opportunity in their organization. Design/methodology/approach: In-depth interviews were conducted with Macau casino human recourse manger, and questionnaire survey was used to investigate the views of dealers in training and development provided by their organization. Findings: This paper revealed that the development and training of Macao's dealers are mainly in individual professional skills, including executive ability, professional attitude and communication skills training. According to the current situation of dealer's training and development, a human resource investment policy is that the government requires undertaking a part of the work in the dealers' community. Research limitations/implications: This paper examined the current demand for talents in Macau gambling casinos focusing on dealers' survey of the casino's training concepts, including training perception, organization arrangement and training information, etc. It is the least published official information, and training and development program in Macau gambling industry wreaked the questionnaire design. Practical implications: This survey first time revealed a characteristic of dealer's human resources training and development in the Macau gambling industry. The authors got comprehensive and profound understanding of dealers' job skills and career development needs through the professional position and job characteristics investigation and analysis. Social implications: The investigation reveals the inadequately training offered for dealers pre-employment. At least, it cannot meet the gambling industry's basic needs for dealer occupation in many ways. The school's training of dealers and the training provided by the casino has a huge gap, which the school's training is a short-term, compared to the gambling enterprises on the professional skills requirements of recruit dealers. But the school in long-term provide a wider range of knowledge for dealers career development. Originality/value: This research conducted by the author in 2017 showed that dealer training and development views could be used to in the gambling industry in human resource practical management.

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JournalAsian Education and Development Studies
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 13 Sept 2022


  • Career development
  • Dealers
  • Gambling industry
  • Human resources development
  • Training


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