Identification of Increased Grain Length 1 (IGL1), a novel gene encoded by a major QTL for modulating grain length in rice

Jiayu Niu, Fei Wang, Chengcheng Yang, Qiwen Ye, Jingxian Huang, Yumei La, Qianqian Wang, Jie Dai, Tiange Hu, Liran Sang, Peijiang Zhang, Yu Zou, Zhaoyu Zhai, Jian Jin, Dina Abdulmajid, Jingjing Guo, Huhui Chen, Honggui La

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Key message: A novel quantitative trait locus qIGL1, which performed a positive function in regulating grain length in rice, was cloned by the map-based cloning approach; further studies revealed that it corresponded to LOC_Os03g30530, and the IGL1 appeared to contribute to lengthening and widening of the cells on the surface of grain hulls. Abstract: Grain length is a prominent determinant for grain weight and appearance quality of rice. In this study, we conducted quantitative trait locus mapping to determine a genomic interval responsible for a long-grain phenotype observed in a japonica cultivar HD385. This led to the identification of a novel QTL for grain length on chromosome 3, named qIGL1 (for Increased Grain Length 1); the HD385 (Handao 385)-derived allele showed enhancement effects on grain length, and such an allele as well as NIP (Nipponbare)-derived allele was designated qigl1 HD385 and qIGL1 NIP, respectively. Genetic analysis revealed that the qigl1 HD385 allele displayed semidominant effects on grain length. Fine mapping further narrowed down the qIGL1 to an ~ 70.8-kb region containing 9 open reading frames (ORFs). A comprehensive analysis indicated that LOC_Os03g30530, which corresponded to ORF6 and carried base substitutions and deletions in HD385 relative to NIP, thereby causing changes or losses of amino-acid residues, was the true gene for qIGL1. Comparison of grain traits between a pair of near-isogenic lines (NILs), termed NIL-igl1 HD385 and NIL-IGL1 NIP, discovered that introduction of the igl1 HD385 into the NIP background significantly resulted in the elevations of grain length and 1000-grain weight. Closer inspection of grain surfaces revealed that the cell length and width in the longitudinal direction were significantly longer and greater, respectively, in NIL-igl1 HD385 line compared with in NIL-IGL1 NIP line. Hence, our studies identified a new semidominant natural allele contributing to the increase of grain length and further shed light on the regulatory mechanisms of grain length.

Original languageEnglish
Article number24
JournalTheoretical And Applied Genetics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2024


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