A Nonblocking Optical Switching Network for Crosstalk-Free Permutation

Xiaohong Jiang, Md Mamun ur Rashid Khandker, Hong Shen, Susumu Horiguchi

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Vertical stacking is a novel technique for building switching networks, and packing multiple compatible connections together is an effective strategy to reduce network hardware cost. In this paper, we study the crosstalk-free permutation capability of an optical switching network built on the vertical stacking of optical banyan networks to which packing strategy is applied. We first look into the nonblocking condition of this optical switching network. We then study the crosstalk-free permutation in this network by decomposing a permutation evenly into multiple crosstalk-free partial permutations (CFPPs) and realizing each CFPP in a stacked plane of the network such that a crosstalk-free permutation can be performed in a single pass. We present a rigorous proof of CFPP decomposability of a permutation and also a complete algorithm for CFPP decomposition. The possibility of a tradeoff between the number of passes and the number of planes required for realizing a crosstalk-free permutation in this network is also explored in this paper.

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期刊IEICE Transactions on Communications
出版狀態Published - 12月 2003


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