A robust, single-injection method for targeted, broad-spectrum plasma metabolomics

Kefeng Li, Jane C. Naviaux, A. Taylor Bright, Lin Wang, Robert K. Naviaux

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Background: Metabolomics is a powerful emerging technology for studying the systems biology and chemistry of health and disease. Current targeted methods are often limited by the number of analytes that can be measured, and/or require multiple injections. Methods: We developed a single-injection, targeted broad-spectrum plasma metabolomic method on a SCIEX Qtrap 5500 LC-ESI-MS/MS platform. Analytical validation was conducted for the reproducibility, linearity, carryover and blood collection tube effects. The method was also clinically validated for its potential utility in the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) using a cohort of 22 males CFS and 18 age- and sex-matched controls. Results: Optimization of LC conditions and MS/MS parameters enabled the measurement of 610 key metabolites from 63 biochemical pathways and 95 stable isotope standards in a 45-minute HILIC method using a single injection without sacrificing sensitivity. The total imprecision (CVtotal) of peak area was 12% for both the control and CFS pools. The 8 metabolites selected in our previous study (PMID: 27573827) performed well in a clinical validation analysis even when the case and control samples were analyzed 1.5 years later on a different instrument by a different investigator, yielding a diagnostic accuracy of 95% (95% CI 85–100%) measured by the area under the ROC curve. Conclusions: A reliable and reproducible, broad-spectrum, targeted metabolomic method was developed, capable of measuring over 600 metabolites in plasma in a single injection. The method might be a useful tool in helping the diagnosis of CFS or other complex diseases.

出版狀態Published - 1 10月 2017


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