Analysis of mRNA profile in different strategy of bladder cancer carcinoma by deep sequencing

Xiaoyuan Xu, Xinping Wang, Bin Fu, Lirong Meng, Bin Lang

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Harboring gene mutations is an essential step that causes the onset and progression of tumors, and diverse phenotypes of tumors. Analyzing the bladder cells with different malignance is a significant method seeking possible genes that lead to tumor development, malignant transformation and migrating differentiation. This study aimed to find the key genes controlling the progression of bladder cancer. We performed a large-scale RNA sequencing on SV-HUV-1, RT4 (low grade bladder cancer), T24 (malignant bladder cancer), and 5637 (malignant bladder cancer) cells. We screened the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in comparison pairwise between SV-HUV-1, RT4 and T24; as well as compared DEGs between SV-HUV-1, RT4 and 5637. Further, we performed trend analysis approach on DEGs with k-mean cluster. Gene ontology and pathway analysis were performed on DEGs to observe the biological functions. The molecular signature of SV-HUV-1-RT4-5637 was found to be distinct to that of SV-HUV-1-RT4-T24. In SV-HUV-1-RT4-5637, the majority downregulated DEGs were enriched in Notch pathway were greatly decreased. In the SV-HUV-1-RT4-T24, profile3 showed insignificant expression in SV-HUV-1 and RT4, but remarkably decreased in T24. Profile3 gene mainly enriched in the biological processes of fat metabolism, the gradual increased DEGs in SV-HUV-1-RT4-T24 enriched in the mTOR and HIF-a pathway. In summary, this study revealed that Notch pathway played pivotal roles in the formation process of bladder cancer and may be a potential target for the treatment of bladder cancer; reveal molecular mechanisms of different biological characteristics of various bladder cancers.

頁(從 - 到)1608-1616
期刊International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology
出版狀態Published - 2016


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