Linking transaction-specific satisfaction and customer loyalty – The case of casino resorts

Chunli Ji, Catherine Prentice

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This study investigates the relationship between customer satisfaction, delight, place attachment, and loyalty in a casino context. Customer satisfaction in this study refers to customers’ transactional experience with shopping, food and beverage, and gaming within a casino resort. The study examines how each transactional, satisfying, experience affects customer delight and place attachment, which subsequently influences customer loyalty. Customer delight and place attachment are modelled as mediators between satisfaction and loyalty. The results show that each transaction-specific satisfaction is significantly related to customer delight and place attachment with the exception that a positive experience with casino gaming is not related to place attachment. Whilst place attachment has a significant influence on customer loyalty, customer delight has little effect on the loyalty indicators. The study provides a fresh perspective on the customer satisfaction-loyalty relationship. The implications of these findings are highlighted for researchers and practitioners.

期刊Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
出版狀態Published - 1月 2021


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