Strengthening the weak link of Macao's responsible gambling practices: a consumer education perspective

Chunli Ji, Sudhir H. Kale

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to assess the current state of consumer education in the context of responsible gambling in Macao and to suggest ways in which Macao could enhance its consumer education efforts to meet its challenges with regard to responsible gambling. Design/methodology/approach: Exploratory and interpretative approaches have been adopted to suggest why and how Macao should strengthen responsible gambling education. The methodology involved extensive review of relevant academic research, government documents and reports related to Macao's responsible gambling initiatives. Findings: Effective long-term responsible gambling education is needed in Macao to further people's understanding of gambling and gambler's fallacy. The government should take leadership in influencing all stakeholders toward effective initiatives and behaviors related to responsible gambling education. Originality/value: Although research on responsible gambling education is still in its infancy, its importance in reducing common misconceptions about gambling has already been established. This study contributes to strengthen Macao's responsible gambling practices by proposing several changes needed to provide desired outcomes through consumer education.

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期刊Asian Education and Development Studies
出版狀態Published - 6 6月 2022


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