Supply Chain of Dong-In Entech in Philippines

Song Kyoo Kim, Vivek Parmar

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Dong-In group is a contract manufacturer of outdoor gears and equipment for leading global outdoor companies. It provides complete manufacturing services to many global companies. Established in 1992, in Seoul, Korea, its headquarters are based in Gimpo, South Korea. The company has a highly automated aluminium forging facility in Gimpo, seven factories in the Philippines, and one in Vietnam. Within the Philippines, there are six manufacturing plants and one warehousing and fabric cutting service provider for the factories. The facility in Vietnam is also a manufacturing factory. The company has been looking forward to moving up the value chain by taking up a larger share of the outdoor gear manufacturing supply chain. This is crucial if the organization wants to gain competitive advantage and have a sustainable business model. Being renowned worldwide for its excellence in low cost manufacturing, the next step is to add more value for the customers (i.e., outdoor companies). With this intention, the CEO of Dong-In is in the process of identifying what parts of the product development process can he acquire next and what are the challenges he would face in doing so.

頁(從 - 到)164-171
期刊Asian Journal of Management Cases
出版狀態Published - 1 9月 2015


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