Web markers for various tour products - The case of Hong Kong

Bob McKercher, Cora Un In Wong

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A tourist attraction system consists of the nucleus or attraction, tourists and markers. Markers are pieces of information that connect the tourist to the attractions. While being recognized as the most influential component of the system, commercial markers have received relatively little attention. This extended research note examines the nature, type and content of website markers used in 91 different Hong Kong tour products that cover four different styles of tours: all-inclusive multi-destination tours; all-inclusive Hong Kong specific tour modules; general sightseeing day tours; and special interest day tours. A shift from generic to specific markers, along with a clear shift from presenting superficial descriptions to encouraging action was observed when going from multi-destination all-inclusive tours to more specialized day tours. The research note concludes further that the former tend to be more aspirational while the latter tend to be more explicit and enlightening.

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期刊Tourism Management Perspectives
出版狀態Published - 10月 2013


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